About Us

Founded in 1965, Artcraft Display Graphics Inc. is a leading international producer of eye-catching graphics, fabrication and speciality exhibit signage for museums, parks, zoos, aquariums and other attractions.

We pride ourselves on our environmentally friendly range of high-quality products, durable materials, extensive printing facilities and excellent customer service. From interpretive graphics and custom signage to durable framing and stands, Artcraft delivers outstanding solutions for all your signage needs.



We started in the summer of 1965 and have been making great things since



From Guy in Sales to Paul in Production, and everyone inbetween



Each one produced to the Artcraft standard in quality



All we need to produce the best solution for your project

Values, Sustainability, and Commitment to Excellence

Artcraft has always recognized the finite and precious nature of our planet’s resources, which is why environmental sustainability is an integral part of our business (and has been for over 50 years)! We are committed to providing excellent service and maintaining our values. By recycling and reusing, reducing waste and emissions, and offering our customers a variety of eco-friendly purchasing options wherever possible, Artcraft has established itself as a market leader in “green” graphics fabricating.


     ✓ We only use recyclable raw materials with the highest recycled content available in the market today

     ✓ We use no paper in the finish of our products to minimize landfill usage as well as water and energy consumption

     ✓ We honour permit requirements for water and air emission quality—our products meet or fall below low emissions National Testing Standards for off-gassing

     ✓ We use vegetable-based, UV curable, low VOC, and eco-solvent inks

     ✓ We use low VOC polyurethane coatings that are vandal-resistant

     ✓ We use polycarbonate resin plastics that meet FDA “Food Safe” guidelines

     ✓ Many of our products can be installed without adhesive and use vandal-resistant fasteners/hardware

     ✓ We offer a no-charge recycling program

     ✓ We buy in bulk, locally where possible, to reduce packaging and transportation

     ✓ All our shipping materials are reused, recycled, and recyclable


 Common sense and excellent business practices intersect with a safe and healthy workplace. We pride ourselves in producing high quality products that are visually appealing, withstand the test of time, and honour Mother Earth.

Our History

Since 1965, Artcraft has served Canada and the international market as a printer and fabricator—from design and development, to printing and fabrication, to finishing and shipping. In the 1970s, although not many end users cared, we recognized the negative effect our industry was having on the planet and began to find and create environmental solutions for our processes and products. Over the years we have pioneered a number of proprietary printing and fabrication processes that allow us to produce extremely durable AND environmentally friendly graphics. Everything we do is custom-designed and fabricated.

For all our premium indoor and outdoor graphics, fabrication, and specialty signage, wraps, murals, etc. we use environmentally-friendly, hand-crafted, high resolution, extremely durable products that stand the test of time and meet the highest standards of industry excellence. Artcraft’s products are resistant to weather, fading, mold, mildew, heat, moisture, impact, chemicals, and graffiti.

Artcraft Display Graphics is a trusted, regular supplier to a large number of corporations, government agencies, parks, museums, zoos, aquariums, themed attractions, and interpretive centres all over the world.

Our Team

  • Neil Vitug
    Neil Vitug, Lead Artist & Designer
    As a first-class Pre-press Technician and Graphic Designer, Neil leads with patience, confidence, quiet humour, and dedication to his craft. Oh, and he's Dad to 3 beautiful children.
  • Guy Johnson
    Guy Johnson, Purchasing (Operations Manager)
    With over 18 years in the industry, Guy has seen it all. From overseeing both new and longstanding clients to keeping the finely tuned cogs in the shop oiled and running, it's no wonder that  we call him 'Guygle.'
  • Patti Nees
    Patti Nees, The Hub
    She's the first friendly voice you hear when you call Artcraft, and the whole place would fall apart without her magic touch. From shipping and receiving to invoicing and billing, Patti keeps the company afloat with flair and grace.
  • Bernie Morissette
    Bernie Morissette, Designer & Pre-press
    Quietly diligent with a Mona Lisa smile, Bernie is a top notch prepress technician and designer and keeps a keen set of eyes on all your artwork needs. You might bump in to him on his lunch time walk along Broadway Street.
  • Tuyen ‘T’ Le
    Tuyen ‘T’ Le, Master Mounter, Laminator/Finisher & Installer
    Otherwise known as 'T', Tuyen has been mounting, laminating, finishing, and installing at Artcraft for over 30 years. If there's a job that appears impossible, chances are T can get it done.
  • Paul Healey
    Paul Healey, Painter & Finisher
    As a former 'old panel beater,' (from an ancient 1905 LaFrance Fire Truck to drool-inducing Dragsters), Paul's scrupulous attention to detail and his trustworthy, transparent approach to life infuses everything he touches.
  • Kien (Ken) Trinh
    Kien (Ken) Trinh, Fabricator & Builder
    Give Ken the right tools and he'll build you anything you request with creative results. We love his 'traditionalist' artisan background, his remarkable imagination, and his unique drive for solutions with modern techniques. And be sure to ask him about his grandson, and watch his face light up.
  • Hiep Nguyen
    Hiep Nguyen, Virtuoso Installer
    When he's not out installing our custom made signs atop tall buildings, you can find Hiep humming along to his favourite opera on the shop floor, giving T and Ken a helping hand.
  • Hai Hua
    Hai Hua, Screenprinter & Shipper
    An outstanding screen printer and meticulous shipper, you'll also find Hai on our installation projects with Hiep and T. Hai's keen sense of humour and brilliant smile make him a delight to have here at Artcraft.
  • Esther Sarlo
    Esther Sarlo, Sales Maven
    Whether you're designing a grand wall mural for your complex or ordering custom MagGlass wall panels for your swanky offices, Esther helps you get what you need, when you need it. When she's not making new friends on her calls, you can find her chowing down on a mountainous, organic salad...and she always has extra to share.
  • Bill Chalmers
    Bill Chalmers, CEO/Yoda
    Bill is our Master in Commander, 'Mon Capitain', and Artcraft's very own Yoda. Say no more.

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